Huddle with ILSoyAdvisor and make an offensive play for the 2023 growing season — attend Soybean Summit and Better Beans.

The Illinois Soybean Association has moved to its new headquarters at 1108 Trinity Lane, Bloomington. The construction project, which began in December 2021, was part of an effort to reposition the organization “to get back to our roots,” said John Lumpe, ISA CEO.

I was very pleased with yields this year. They were better than what I expected with the lack of rain we had this summer. We had outstanding yields with both corn and soybeans. We saw some of the best soybeans we ever raised this year.

More Illinois farmers might participate in carbon market opportunities if major reforms were made to improve contracts, stabilize demand for soil carbon sequestration and increase financial incentives, according to a new study published by University of Illinois researchers.