December 07, 2022

When I say the word “legacy,” what first comes to mind? Maybe you think about transferring your farm operation’s assets to the next generation. Maybe it has to do with your operation itself and what will happen to it in the future.

The Consumer Price Index report for November showed U.S. inflation eased to 7.7% annual rate from 8.2% in September. The slowdown with inflation was so bullish the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose nearly 1,200 points, the best one-day gain since 2020.

Many areas of the country are experiencing a very beautiful fall this year, with the trees providing plenty of color. With all those leaves now making their way to the ground, you may be asking yourself if you should rake or not.

Journalism, like baseball, aging and bridesmaids, is often about the numbers. Sometimes big numbers are good, other times small numbers are better. Either way, numbers usually define our work, our families and our lives in more ways than we care to count.

This was quite the week with major agricultural and financial reports due for release and the midterm elections also being held. From Monday until Friday, there was plenty to keep one busy, excited or frustrated.

My social media platforms have been littered with posts about the expectations of a harsh winter ahead. From images of caterpillars to persimmons to posts from The Old Farmer’s Almanac, folks are convinced we’re going to experience near-hostile weather conditions this winter.