The only career Bob Friestad ever considered was farming and more than seven decades later he continues to grow crops on his farm near Morris in northeastern Illinois.

Months ago I’d made my resolutions list for 2024. I chose things like adopting a kitten pal for my cat, selling my father’s coin collection and hiring my handyman neighbor to paint the bathroom.

Welcome to spring, where zest meets zing. As we bid adieu to winter’s chill, ready to embrace the warmth of spring, it’s time to infuse our kitchens with the vibrant flavors of the season.

Most people who exercise do have a slower heart rate, and it’s a good sign of a healthy heart. However, some older people can develop heart block when the electrical impulse from the natural pacemaker of the heart fails to pass to the ventricles.

Collectors and makers alike know that there are many ways to decorate silver. It can have an engraved design or monogram. It can be pierced or reticulated with lace-like cutouts.

I never thought this kind of thing would happen where I live: A woman was kidnapped in front of a store, in broad daylight, by a man carrying a gun.